What are the rights and responsibilities of a user?

A user may upload up to 10 images per day. When a user has uploaded 30 images, if their uploader score is over 90%, they will be promoted to uploader status.

Why are my images not showing up after I uploaded them?

There is a moderation system. Your image must be reviewed by a moderator before being shown publicly.

What kind of images can be uploaded?

Any image that has a caption of some sort or text on it. Memes are usually relevant to everyone's interest. On rare occsasions an image may be approroved despite having actual text on it. Don't risk uploading images without captions because if they are disapproved, it will hurt your uploader score greatly.

What kind of images can't be uploaded?

You may not upload boring average pictures, porn, copyrighted stuff, ebooks, camwhores, pictures of threads, pictures of forums, pictures of imageboards, or anything that sucks.

Why is my uploader score so low?

There may be many reasons for this. You may have written incomplete or inaccurate captions; have chosen the wrong flags; have chosen the wrong categories or have uploaded an image which is against our rules. To fix your uploader score, describe the images uploaded better and don't upload anything which is not allowed.

What are the rights and responsibilities of an uploader?

An uploader may upload up to 100 images per day and the images have to be moderated only once before being public. However, a score is still kept and if an uploader does not keep their uploader score at 90%, they will be demoted to user.

Why do I not see my uploads? I'm a mod!

You can't approve your own uploads and that's why they are not displayed on the moderation page. Go to Status>My Uploads>Unapproved if you wish to edit them.